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Artillery Simulator

Quick Facts

Platform : Microsoft Windows
Language : English
Distribution : Open Source


Exactly as the name suggests, this program is a physics simulation of an artillery gun. When you run it, you can either proceed directly to setting up the gun, or you can take a few moments to load a terrain or create your own. Then you simply locate the artillery gun, rotate it, set the elevation angle, and possibly also change the environment parameters such as air density, or the wind speed and direction. After pressing 'Fire', the program calculates the exact trajectory of the projectile, which you can then view in three different viewing modes: map view, profile view, and in a data table. This program can be especially useful in high school Physics classes.


Limitations : not compatible with screen resolutions above 1024x768, the game plugin is not included
Download : (1.56 MB)
License : Aific License Agreement


Programming : Peter Macko