Have you ever wanted to play wacky volleyball with South Park-like characters? Or maybe, are you looking forward to show your skills as the commander of a medieval navy?

An addictive volleyball simulation game featuring South Park-like figures and live commentary.
With this turn-based strategy, get the feel for leading a navy in the middle ages.
Hangman for STATA
The classic paper and pencil game – now for STATA!
Hangman for R
The classic paper and pencil game – now for R!

Discontinued Games

Sedliak II: Cesta k ešte väčšiemu psychu
Did you know that talking to a psychiatrist could be very enjoyable?
Anakonda with Engine
Drive an anaconda as though it was a car! Yes, you read that correctly!
Slizká Húsenica
A hungry caterpillar has to eat a lot of crops while avoiding the poison placed by the owner of the garden.
A simple applet-based clone of Arkanoid.
DOS Mines
Have you ever wished that there was a clone of Minesweeper for native DOS?