Quick Facts

Platform : Microsoft Windows
Language : English
Distribution : Freeware


ImageDesktop is a unique image viewing utility with a simple distinguishing feature: You see only the viewed picture without any unnecessary borders of the main window or even any toolbar buttons. You don't even see the title bar. You see only the image and nothing more. Well, is it useful for something at all? Quite suprisingly, yes, it is. We often find it useful when we need to describe a picture, and this is what we do so we can type and look at the picture at the same time:

  1. Open a word processor (e.g. MS Word or OpenOffice Writer)
  2. Open ImageDesktop
  3. Use its context menu to open a picture
  4. Adjust size
  5. Move it to a corner of the screen
  6. Turn on "Stay on Top" feature
  7. Start writing


Download : id2setup.exe (298 KB)
License : Aific License Agreement


Programming : Peter Macko