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Quick Facts

Platform : Microsoft Windows / DirectX
Game Type : Turn-Based Strategy
Multiplayer : Single Computer
Distribution : Freeware


Imagine that you are leading a supreme naval force, attempting to conquer the medieval world. You need to defend your docks, gather gold, and conquer you enemies. You can show off your skills as an admiral with this turn-based strategy. The game may seem simple at first glance, but a deeper look reveals that there is a lot of complexity in it. You can, for instance, choose maps and AI players of various difficulty levels: As a result, this game is great for beginning players and for experienced admirals alike. You can also play a multiplayer game on a single computer - an unforgettable experience!


Limitations : campaigns are not included, the tutorial campaign is not finished
Download : (68.8 MB)
License : Aific License Agreement


Programming : Peter Macko
Graphics & Sound : Andrej Hollý
Testing : Marek Hlaváč