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Sedliak II: Cesta k ešte väčšiemu psychu

Quick Facts

Platform : MS DOS, DOS Box
Game Type : Simulated Chat
Language : Slovak
Distribution : Open Source


Did you know that talking to a psychiatrist could be quite enjoyable? PUDr. Michal Kacabaya, also known as Kacn, is really weird: Although you would probably not want to consult him even if you desperately need the help of a psychiatrist, talking to him is nevertheless a, shall we say, interesting experience. In this game, you can chat with him - maybe he will cure you! Alternatively, you can be PUDr. Kacn yourself, and try to help patients who come in seeking your 'expert' advice.


Download : (145 KB)
Source Code : (230 KB)
License : Aific License Agreement


Programming : Marek Hlaváč
Database : Marek Hlaváč, Peter Mikita, Milan Potančok, Alexander Hýbl
Testing : Ján Dzurek, Alexander Hýbl, Peter Macko, Milan Potančok